Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rock Band 3 & We're on TV

We're on TV this week on the DIY network! We did a shoot for a new show called "I hate my kitchen" and they've titled out show "Wild Side". HA! If you want to catch me and Chris being goofy on TV, it's on a couple times tomorrow (the 27th, and one more time in the early morning on the 30th!) We're hoping some awesome person records it for us. We don't have cable, and are really hoping for it to show up online!

Also - we got Rock Band 3 and made some characters tonight. Here we are - Plus, guess who leads up our fake band? Sweet Sweet Ryan Michlitch. This one's for you, buddy.
Look at that bad motha...

rockband 2
rockband 1

Courtesy of Chris's flickr.


Phillip said...

i just saw your episode on tv and i absolutely loved your renovated kitchen. can you post some pictures of the kitchen and the tea cart? i would like to show them to my brother. also, on the DIY website forum i noticed someone was asking where you got that scale tile...if you're so inclined.

phil in dallas

ps - i like the die antwoord drawing

Francesca said...

WHOA. The resemblance is craaaazy. So much swagger.

Lindsay said...

I'd love to post some pics of the tea cart! Thanks for watching our show! My friend Atom Pechman made it - he is really talented!

Let me see if I can remember where we got that tile! If I can figure it out, I'll post it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay,

Did you ever post where you got the tile? I've seen this episode several times and still love that tile you used.


Dawn said...

My name is Dawn and I am a kitchen designer (www.dyerstudio.com); I loved your kitchen.
Trying to get your teacart designer friend's contact info.

wooden kitchen cart said...

It's quite impressive.