Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bunny Suit

Alright-- here is another collaborative piece by me and chris.
I drew and inked this one, and chris and I colored it!

this one's headed straight for the black and white book!

which---- i should really explain... but I will do that on the main drawlgraphic news soon.

brainchild of CHRINDSAY

Look at this collaborative piece -- done by Chris and I!
I'm thinking this is going to end up on the cover of the b&w book in some form or another!

here's how it looked as Chris's sketch, then i inked it and we colored it!
Yeah for kickin the pants!

notice that I gave his arms a shave.... ... .. and his treasure trail... .. ..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

i like birds, kissing, and beads. if you couldn't tell by now....

I got sucked into the internet for a second today--- then promptly started working on this painting....
it's a little farther than you see here.. but since i'm lazy, I probably wont show you until a couple days from now.

but there you have it!

Chris and I have been accepted into a show called Sensory Overload-- at the Joan of Art Gallery in the Seward neighborhood of MPLS!

April 22!!! is the opening... hope to see you there!
our new art is there!!!!
more to follow....