Saturday, April 26, 2008

Remy - Boyfriend #2... and Natalie.

so I drew a lot this week. I'm pretty proud of myself - because a lot of my drawings were for fun. unlike most weeks - i've done some things that I can say are in my real style - rather than my corporate style...

Here is a drawing of Remy - from Streetfighter 3
(he is my other boyfriend...)
I"m going to finish him up and delete the pencil lines soon - i'll post a real scan when it's done)

Here is a drawing of Natalie from the book:
(i have some things to fix about her, but just wanted to show it!)

Photobooth is way convenient, but takes really crappy photos...

So I've been getting ready for an art show that hangs in the Tea Garden in May - and I"m trying to get a lot of stuff done for Dee's book and some streetfighter guys (for fun) so that I actually pump out some real art for once... This has been SOOOO much fun... Real scans to come later, i think.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Owl, Owl, Mark

I made lots of things this weekend.
Chris and I went to a wedding and I ended up doing some work! Interesting!

Here is a couple cutie owls I embroidered for Chris and Emily!

And here is a drawing of another owl
EDIT: I took this one out! Sorry!

And here is a drawing of Mark - from the book!


Go, Me!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Images for Dee's Book - INKED.

Here are two images I'm doing for Dee's book:
They are Natalie and Mark -
I really like how they're turning out.
I Really like how Mark looks - even though in these he looks a little slimy.

scene: Natalie fixig her bra strap - Mark says "why not?"

scene: Natalie and Mark smoking pot in bed
(usually not my topic of choice - I am an old crotchety straight-edge gramma... )

I think this is going to be awesome. I finally got back into the swing of doing the book after being away from it for a while because of work stuff. But, I'm using this upcoming show at the Tea Garden in May as an excuse to do some great art. And I'm using all this art for Dee's book.

You'll have to forgive these photobooth pics - I was too lazy to scan them, but I'll probably post a gallery or something of all the images as I go. Who knows.
I am doing one of a dog next, i think. A dog named Princess, eating pepperoni.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

working hard: hardly working

Here's a pattern I did : in mini-view, for a bedding project i'm working on:
I thought it was pretty awesome. (and pretty insane, throwback to my target days...)
I hope they really put this on some sheets : cause then i'll go and buy them and sleep on them.