Sunday, December 20, 2009

sketches of olivia and face parts

I got a book in the mail called Funny Bunny. it's an old big golden book.
it made me want to sketch/paint a funny cat. here is olivia.
i made this tonight for fun.
she has no limbs, except for one foot. HAAHAHHAA


and even earlier than that, I sat around at the tea garden and drew this.

it is a crappy photo, but it was fun to draw. it was originally going to be pieces of a wallpaper I was going to turn in for a contest tomorrow. I am not sure it is contest material quality, but maybe i'll do something with it tomorrow.

Stocking excitement!

i made stuff today and yesterday. here it all is!
stockings for christmas!
one for me, one for chris, one for two dogs, one for five cats, one for dean and one for fish.
I think I am getting the pink flowery one, chris is going to have the spotty one, dogs, the orange one, cats the green and yellow one, and pink - dean, and blue for fish.






i should have posted a reference pic, chris says they are huge (except the little pink and blue ones) They are bigger than a yellow pages, and about as long as my fingers to elbow.
that is so we can put lots of fun things in them!