Monday, June 28, 2010

Start the week off right!

Besides being Monday,
Today was actually a very special day.

Today was Chris's first day at the Paper Bicycle office!
We are officially an office of 3 full-timers and two fantastic interns!

I suppose Chris might be posting the same picture on his blog, but
I am a flickr-stream usurper. (I credit Adam Hoppus for that word being in my vocabulary)

Besides the fact that Chris looks pretty....pretty in this picture, you can see a small sliver of the new office in there. Actually, it's a pretty big sliver, because his head is so tiny!

Although he was only there for half a day - and although Francesca is stuck in Seattle, and although I'm sporting a run-like-a-faucet head cold today, it was a celebratory occasion.

Yeah Chris! Welcome!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Studio & A List of Things We Do.

It's funny, I might as well just turn this blog into a lindsay's crafts-r-us and random posting about what I can't show to you. The thing is, I realize how much work I actually do each day and then I get to lament about how it's all top secret.

I guess there are worse things than having a lot of work to do and not being able to show any of it.

Well, Here's another semi-non-art update.

We've officially moved into a really fantastic new studio!

We're on the Corner of Lake & Lyndale in Uptown! Totally awesome!
We've barely moved in - all the guts are there, but it is still in need of some fun personal touches and a new coat of paint.
Francesca and I spent a couple weeks working there, which was a great upgrade from our coffee-house excursions. We were both dreaming of a time when we'd get to go to a coffee house to have fun, rather than going there to work on things...

With our name on the building directory, it feels pretty darn official.

I'll post some better pics soon!

Besides the big move, We've been working our butts off lately (summer is always our busy season)

Here are some of the fun things we've done lately

- A handful of Frame Endcaps
- Melamine Dishware for Kids
- A slew of Bedding & Room Decor Collections for Kids/Tweens
- Massive doses of Candy Packaging (almost an entire years worth of candy)
- Kids Rainboots
- Graphics for Notebooks & Desk Accessories
- Graphic work on Textiles
- and some Identity work!


Some day I'll post some good stuff on here for you to see!
Until then...