Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays from Me, Chris & Francesca


I made this last night for you! We're all headed to our respective parents' houses for a visit over the holidays! This was a little neon-colored bike I painted (painter) yesterday for the festivities!

Happy holidays you guys - I'm sure I will cross post this with Paper Bicycle's Blog as soon as it's my turn to get up to bat!

Hope you guys are enjoying the snow out there!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life on the Internet with Emo Hair


I spent about 45 minutes wandering aimlessly around the internet today - and, when I was through with the obligatory searches for "awful plastic surgery," I started clicking around on hair websites/ groups.

Here's a piece I did inspired by the millions of crazy emo girl haircuts I saw tonight.
I figured since I was snowed in that I should be doing some personal art.

This one is another piece done with Painter - I am so happy I have my wacom tablet back!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Life Update!

SO - things besides the normal things (what?) are happening in art- life.

Two things :

1. I often complain to myself about the fact that it's too bad that I work in a field where I can't post things until they're manufactured and in the stores. - so It seems like I might not do anything all day....


2. I even have personal projects that I can't show yet because I will jinx myself! WAAAH!

On that note, I wanted to TELL you about this thing!
Chris is in San Francisco right now preparing for a pitch to Chronicle Books (Best publisher ever). We've got a book idea and I stayed up until 3 am prepping at Kinkos for, like, EVER.

The guy at kinkos was really nice, but somehow I got into a conversation with him about this Gundam robot that they made in Japan and that he just so happened to have pics of on his phone.... What? Yes.

Anyway, So - tomorrow from 3 - 5, Chris will be standing and waiting his turn in line to pitch out concept - face to face - with an Editor of Chronicle Books.
Cross your fingers for him! I really believe in our idea and we did a bunch of work to prep for it! :)

Anyway, when it's all said and done with, I'll post some images of what we worked on!
Good luck, Chris!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Cat - Delightful!

oliver painting - painter
Here it is!
The "finished" painting of Oliver!
I quick did the leaves on the bottom and got rid of that sprig floating above his head!
I owe this piece of art to John from my tools of the trade class - for a show at Cause this week. I hope that I can get it to him in time!

Francesca was super nice and helped me frame it tonight, so it's all ready!
I should really do more painter/paintings!

It was a lot of fun and I'm sure I'll probably go back and add some details when I don't have a splitting headache. But for now - I'm happy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, You guys!

Hey! We're headed to Columbus Ohio tomorrow to visit our dear friend Ryan. I can't wait to share some sleepy airspace with Chris and a million other thankful folks.

Hope your travels and family/friend time is amazing.
Eat some cranberries and yams for me!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Working like Crazy.


Thanksgiving is almost here and Chris and I are headed out to visit Ryan in Columbus OH.
I'm interested to see how the bubble tea tastes over there, and I'm happy to get out of this painful Minnesota frigid icy weather for a second.

Things are the studio have been cool - We're working on some amazing projects right now for Target, a waterbottle company, and a stationery company - which is super awesome!

Here's a peek at some of the bits I've been developing (in preliminary sketch form)
for one of our big projects. It's a little bit of this, and a little bit of that...
mostly assets for a big piece of print & pattern I was working on, but a fun project nonetheless.

I hope to finish that cat painting soon and hopefully get it over to John C. for a show at Cause on the 3rd! My Wacom tablet broke and I sent it to vancouver today in hopes that it'll be fixed by the time I get back from vacation!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Oliver Painting


I did a little bit of painting on this weird painter piece of art I'm doing!
This time, he's floating around in a pile of blobby leaves!
Not sure what is going on, but who cares!
It's just great to be painting in painter!
Hopefully I can keep the atmospheric softness to some of these elements.
That's the part I really like right now, even though most of that softness was happening in the underpainting.
Yeah painter!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!
Halloween 2010_15
Halloween 2010_10
Halloween 2010_17
Halloween 2010_30

Over the past week, Chris and I have been working diligently on Sharpie-ing the crap out of these outfits! We went out with a couple friends last night to a Party and then went dancing. We were ready for noone in the world to know who we were and were super excited that the people that did recognize us were like


And then everyone else just thought Chris was Vanilla Ice - and that I was some weird tagalong strange short blonde girl version or something. Confusing for the rest of the world, really.

It was a pretty awesome night and it was nice and warm wearing full sweat suits in the 39 degree weather! It was totally worth it!
For anyone who doesn't know who we went as, here's a bonus video for you. So FRESH!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rock Band 3 & We're on TV

We're on TV this week on the DIY network! We did a shoot for a new show called "I hate my kitchen" and they've titled out show "Wild Side". HA! If you want to catch me and Chris being goofy on TV, it's on a couple times tomorrow (the 27th, and one more time in the early morning on the 30th!) We're hoping some awesome person records it for us. We don't have cable, and are really hoping for it to show up online!

Also - we got Rock Band 3 and made some characters tonight. Here we are - Plus, guess who leads up our fake band? Sweet Sweet Ryan Michlitch. This one's for you, buddy.
Look at that bad motha...

rockband 2
rockband 1

Courtesy of Chris's flickr.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sneak Peek - Halloween Preview

Guess Who Chris & I are going for - For halloween?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

yo yo yo landi


lazy eyes all around.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Kitties



Adam is over here right now working on his new website!
While that is going on, all the cats are running about and accosting us. I had some fantastic cherry apple crisp and we're waiting for some dominoes to show up!
All this and I did a little more on this painting of Oliver.

He keeps quoting the olsen twins "i want pizza" and it is driving me nuts.

The last time he came over he repeated the whole "flea market montgomery mini mall" sensation... I'd rather have that, I think.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Big Head



I was messing around with painter tonight while we were watching the office on netflix.
I was inspired by all the 60s-70s stationery I got in the mail as well as all this talk about painter lately. I drew a piece of my cat Oliver. Maybe I'll go back and make more sprigs of stuff around him so there isn't just one weird leafy thing shooting out of his head! Or add some whiskers and fix the rest of him...

Also - His head is not this big in real life.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Another little bit


Here's another tiny bit - a little more progress, but not much.
I was working with some weird stuff in this one, so maybe I'll go back in and fix it up!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Picking away at it -


Here's a tiny bit of progress on this mushroom painting - I am messing with the mushrooms on the lower right - not much, but ever so slightly.
I'll get there!

More soon!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


A couple weeks ago I started this painting based on some mushrooms I had seen in a fantastic gouache book I purchased in Iceland.

Although my original intention was to bust out the acrylics with this one, I actually might digitally paint it.
Here are the preliminary sketches and some really super fast color studies in photoshop.
I might go into painter and paint this one and see what happens.


black and white value study

super dark & quick color study #1

We'll see how it goes!

EDIT: Just for kicks I'm going to post progress under this entry as well -
Here's the next small bit:


Here's another one.



Here's a sketch from last week - I made it while hanging out with Francesca at infinitea.
It seems that this year has been so chock-full of adventure that I have all but forgotten to keep up my personal work.

These days I'm sitting around dreaming of making a small perfect bound book with Chris about our trip to Iceland. We took a million and one photos of the crazy things we saw - and I've even gone and purchased a book on icelandic sagas. Just for the purpose of getting more into it.

It's such a dreamy - weird place, that I can't help but wish I could go back.
Maybe when this personal book-project is underway, I'll feel like I'm back there again.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sketches : Cats

A Silly picture of Jadey Scratching the Bathroom Rug
A Sketch of Jeff's head

Here are a few sketches I did a couple days ago when I was in a cat-drawing mood.
of course, I had no patience, and just took photobooth pics of them!
Maybe I'll switch them out one day!
Until then...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Paper Bicycle Blog!

Guess what! Francesca, Chris and I are contributing a bunch of trend stuff, links, and paper bicycle happenings (including our projects and neat stuff we're doing) here:

Take a peek!

So far we have a couple cute mini trend boards, some links to cool art, some project stuff and some lifey stuff from our days at the office.
It feels good to post some of the things that we're seeing as a team!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Start the week off right!

Besides being Monday,
Today was actually a very special day.

Today was Chris's first day at the Paper Bicycle office!
We are officially an office of 3 full-timers and two fantastic interns!

I suppose Chris might be posting the same picture on his blog, but
I am a flickr-stream usurper. (I credit Adam Hoppus for that word being in my vocabulary)

Besides the fact that Chris looks pretty....pretty in this picture, you can see a small sliver of the new office in there. Actually, it's a pretty big sliver, because his head is so tiny!

Although he was only there for half a day - and although Francesca is stuck in Seattle, and although I'm sporting a run-like-a-faucet head cold today, it was a celebratory occasion.

Yeah Chris! Welcome!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Studio & A List of Things We Do.

It's funny, I might as well just turn this blog into a lindsay's crafts-r-us and random posting about what I can't show to you. The thing is, I realize how much work I actually do each day and then I get to lament about how it's all top secret.

I guess there are worse things than having a lot of work to do and not being able to show any of it.

Well, Here's another semi-non-art update.

We've officially moved into a really fantastic new studio!

We're on the Corner of Lake & Lyndale in Uptown! Totally awesome!
We've barely moved in - all the guts are there, but it is still in need of some fun personal touches and a new coat of paint.
Francesca and I spent a couple weeks working there, which was a great upgrade from our coffee-house excursions. We were both dreaming of a time when we'd get to go to a coffee house to have fun, rather than going there to work on things...

With our name on the building directory, it feels pretty darn official.

I'll post some better pics soon!

Besides the big move, We've been working our butts off lately (summer is always our busy season)

Here are some of the fun things we've done lately

- A handful of Frame Endcaps
- Melamine Dishware for Kids
- A slew of Bedding & Room Decor Collections for Kids/Tweens
- Massive doses of Candy Packaging (almost an entire years worth of candy)
- Kids Rainboots
- Graphics for Notebooks & Desk Accessories
- Graphic work on Textiles
- and some Identity work!


Some day I'll post some good stuff on here for you to see!
Until then...

Monday, May 10, 2010


So what the heck! I haven't updated in a long time and just felt like I might as well at least describe what life's been like over the last month or so.
Everything over the last month has been slowly coming to completion over the last week.
Class ended today for the semester - and all I have left is the residual grading,
Our Tv show that we've been filming over the last 5 weeks is ending tomorrow - which is crazy...

We've been filming a show for the DIY network - called "I hate my kitchen" which will air sometime this fall (details to follow).
Francesca and I have been working like mad this last month to get everything under control with Paper Bicycle, and we're off to a tradeshow on Sunday to kick some butts in New York.

I had this great - no - amazing night tonight, where I had this sort of content, but bittersweet moment after class. I got a chance to spend the evening with all sorts of people I really like and admire, and when it was over, I felt a strange sad and happy feeling.

I guess it's probably just my body telling me that I'm on to the next chunk of life. I think it's funny that my time is parceled by semester still - but each time I finish one, I feel like I've accomplished something and that I'm a little older.
I'm not sure what that means, but it makes sense when I say it.

Anyway, that's what's going on. I figure that it's worth me posting about somewhere. I suppose I'd rather post these random thoughts here than my facebook page! Tomorrow is gonna be a doozy.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

cross posted : fat bird


here's a goofy painter-painting i made for the super awesome art challenge.
usually i would have done some other kind of fat bird...
i should practice painter more.