Sunday, March 26, 2006

Applique madness!

go me!
it has been a super productive weekend.
I designed 2 shirts and a bag already!
I'm planning a trip over to design collective tomorrow to bring them some of my new goods. :)
here they are!
Chris and I are taking better pics for the online store tomorrow-- but you get the sneak preview!

here's the finished bag, my new green "birds with beads" shirt, and here is my "pink bird with banner" shirt!

i'm proud of myself! being sick has either done something wonderful with my brain to make me get on it --- or somethin'...
it's 2:59! time for bed!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

like a faucet, but i'm still goin' strong.

alright. i have the nastiest cold ever.
and it's 1:43am. i should be sleeping by now, but i just got too excited about making things tonight.
after a long week it seemed like the best thing I could do (besides uncontrollably snot all over myself)was to sew up some things for the upcoming craft shows. I know it's a while away, but after drawing and painting for a month or so, it was time to do something crafty.

so i made some totes.


they're still in progress, but tonight i made 3 bags-- one doesn't have handles yet because i ran out of thread--- but i'm really excited about how they're going. they have a fancy applique on them and are on hunter's canvas.
-- a perfect background for some fancy birds if I do say so myself.

so, more to come, I am adding a little light blue sparrow or something that is flying in the same direction as this bigger bird. only half the size and light blue-- and then some fancy stitching!

I think this might be a good design for another teeshirt, so I might just go ahead and whip up 12 of these tomorrow, too for the hell of it.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

straw guy!

here is a sketch for another drawing.
i dont know what to do with it yet, but i'm thinkin' about it...

Friday, March 17, 2006

Kissy Face #2!

alright! here it is!
progress shot #2 of my kissy face drawing!
there's something up with the lack of black on this guy's shirt, but I will resolve it soon.
I think I need to add some black behind him or something and a design on his shirt.

overall. i'm happy with it.
but it'll be better!!! watch for the update!

Black & White Num2

okay. you know when you do something totally awesome, and then you try and repeat it?
and then suddenly all your talent leaves and you are stuck erasing the same thing over... and over... and over....

yeah. that's what this was.
i think i have this resevoir of art all lying in wait, and it slowly accumulates over time... so if i spend it all in one day, it takes a week to re-fill.

so here is the start...
and i'm about to ink this bad boy....

Sunday, March 12, 2006

black and white number one.

so, to get myself in the groove of inking again, i drew this picture.
of 2 girls. I actually stole adrienne's haircut for this one.
(*props to you for having a good haircut for me to steal.)

here is before,

and here is after...

i still have a little clean up... but at least i'm getting into inking again.
maybe i'll even consider this one for the b&w book!?!??!


torso update#2!

i've been working on finishing this painting lately---
here's my most recent pic.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

life on hold--- until NOW!

my house has been in a shambles for god knows how long.. and finally chris and I have re-worked the upstairs so I now have an awesome studio.
I did a bunch of work on a painting tonight that I had started a while back.
I think the reason I hadn't painted in a long long time was because i had a foot of room work, and the rest of the room was a pile of garbage.

but NO MORE!


so here is the painting-- in progress.
you might recognize this from the green drawing I have up on the designer gallery--

that's it for now--
now, i can finally work in peace! hooray!