Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!
Halloween 2010_15
Halloween 2010_10
Halloween 2010_17
Halloween 2010_30

Over the past week, Chris and I have been working diligently on Sharpie-ing the crap out of these outfits! We went out with a couple friends last night to a Party and then went dancing. We were ready for noone in the world to know who we were and were super excited that the people that did recognize us were like


And then everyone else just thought Chris was Vanilla Ice - and that I was some weird tagalong strange short blonde girl version or something. Confusing for the rest of the world, really.

It was a pretty awesome night and it was nice and warm wearing full sweat suits in the 39 degree weather! It was totally worth it!
For anyone who doesn't know who we went as, here's a bonus video for you. So FRESH!


mnelson said...

This... Makes me so happy. You guys did a totally AWESOME job! :D

Lindsay said...

Thanks Mary! It was too funny. Way too many fumes later... Hope your halloween was amazing!

Jesse said...

Nice work. You should continue to wear those pants on a near weekly basis probably.