Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays from Me, Chris & Francesca


I made this last night for you! We're all headed to our respective parents' houses for a visit over the holidays! This was a little neon-colored bike I painted (painter) yesterday for the festivities!

Happy holidays you guys - I'm sure I will cross post this with Paper Bicycle's Blog as soon as it's my turn to get up to bat!

Hope you guys are enjoying the snow out there!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life on the Internet with Emo Hair


I spent about 45 minutes wandering aimlessly around the internet today - and, when I was through with the obligatory searches for "awful plastic surgery," I started clicking around on hair websites/ groups.

Here's a piece I did inspired by the millions of crazy emo girl haircuts I saw tonight.
I figured since I was snowed in that I should be doing some personal art.

This one is another piece done with Painter - I am so happy I have my wacom tablet back!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Life Update!

SO - things besides the normal things (what?) are happening in art- life.

Two things :

1. I often complain to myself about the fact that it's too bad that I work in a field where I can't post things until they're manufactured and in the stores. - so It seems like I might not do anything all day....


2. I even have personal projects that I can't show yet because I will jinx myself! WAAAH!

On that note, I wanted to TELL you about this thing!
Chris is in San Francisco right now preparing for a pitch to Chronicle Books (Best publisher ever). We've got a book idea and I stayed up until 3 am prepping at Kinkos for, like, EVER.

The guy at kinkos was really nice, but somehow I got into a conversation with him about this Gundam robot that they made in Japan and that he just so happened to have pics of on his phone.... What? Yes.

Anyway, So - tomorrow from 3 - 5, Chris will be standing and waiting his turn in line to pitch out concept - face to face - with an Editor of Chronicle Books.
Cross your fingers for him! I really believe in our idea and we did a bunch of work to prep for it! :)

Anyway, when it's all said and done with, I'll post some images of what we worked on!
Good luck, Chris!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Cat - Delightful!

oliver painting - painter
Here it is!
The "finished" painting of Oliver!
I quick did the leaves on the bottom and got rid of that sprig floating above his head!
I owe this piece of art to John from my tools of the trade class - for a show at Cause this week. I hope that I can get it to him in time!

Francesca was super nice and helped me frame it tonight, so it's all ready!
I should really do more painter/paintings!

It was a lot of fun and I'm sure I'll probably go back and add some details when I don't have a splitting headache. But for now - I'm happy!