Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Kitties



Adam is over here right now working on his new website!
While that is going on, all the cats are running about and accosting us. I had some fantastic cherry apple crisp and we're waiting for some dominoes to show up!
All this and I did a little more on this painting of Oliver.

He keeps quoting the olsen twins "i want pizza" and it is driving me nuts.

The last time he came over he repeated the whole "flea market montgomery mini mall" sensation... I'd rather have that, I think.


mnelson said...

You've even captured his scheming hands. He's so cute!!!

Lindsay said...

ha! you know him too well -
he is always scheming.

Francesca said...

I love his scheming hands! He looks like he's a cute and tiny and harmless fellow. Secretly he's capable of so much more.