Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Big Head



I was messing around with painter tonight while we were watching the office on netflix.
I was inspired by all the 60s-70s stationery I got in the mail as well as all this talk about painter lately. I drew a piece of my cat Oliver. Maybe I'll go back and make more sprigs of stuff around him so there isn't just one weird leafy thing shooting out of his head! Or add some whiskers and fix the rest of him...

Also - His head is not this big in real life.


Jesse said...

It's not mushrooms, but I like it anyway.

Lindsay said...

I'm still working on mushrooms! :)

Andres Guzman said...

YAYYY paintingggg....where are your recent hang-outs as of late...can i stalk?

Lindsay said...

please please stalk me. omg that would be amazing. lets get together and paint.