Friday, April 15, 2011

Olivia's Tiny Face

Olivia's Tiny Face
A funny painting of my black cat, Olivia's giant green eyes and tiny face

Today was insane. I contributed way too much money I didn't have to my retirement for 2010's stupid taxes, taught a class and then went home exhausted. I've got good company tonight as I make some 10 minute art and I am excited for the remaining two weeks of the semester to happen! My students are doing amazing things and I am psyched to see them through!

I think I'll finally have some time to relax in May - I am looking forward to it, though I am trying to hang on to my brain in the meantime!

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Francesca said...

I LOOOOVE HER. In a fictional world where our cats aren't afraid, we could set up a tea party for Olivia and Edna; they'd be friends.

They also have old lady names, so we need to get them handbags and large hats.