Sunday, April 24, 2011

Landscape Studies Inspired by Iceland

Seaside Cliffs

Mountains at Dusk

Jagged Crags

Mossy Hill

I was inspired by a couple of things lately - My students are making some amazing landscape/backdrops for their final assignments in Digital Illustration, and Icelandic Space. They're doing a backdrop for a trio of scenes based on either a fairytale or a cultural event from a specific time period. I was blown away by the backgrounds they brought into class on Friday and was excited to try some painter studies myself. I did a series of four 10 minute studies based on Iceland. I'd love to go back some day... this is as close as I can get for now. Maybe I'll make some full fledged paintings based on these some day.

At least it's good practice for one of the topics I've always avoided (backgrounds).
All of these are with Painter!

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Francesca said...

For never doing backgrounds, these are CRAZY good!