Friday, April 08, 2011

Livestream and my Dog, Atari!

My silly dog, Atari! Closeup

This week was LONG. I finished up a million things, had some super long nights with everyone at Paper Bicycle - and a lot of teaching this week.
I feel accomplished, but worn out. It's funny though, I came home from having dinner tonight with some great friends, determined to get some personal art done and determined to relax.


I made another Friday night personal art challenge thing tonight - this time of my silly dog, Atari. I ALSO learned how to use livestream!

A super closeup!

I'm super excited because it's really easy to use and I can broadcast some of my Friday night artwork times to whoever is interested in watching!
Here is a snippit of my in progress live stream before it cut out - all 37 minutes of me noodling around!(watch at bedtime for relaxing sleepy-time)

I hope I can record these for myself when I have the chance and if anyone is interested in my process in the future, I hope to do it again!

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