Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Batch of Patterns!

Here are a huge chunk of patterns from last week's topics!
I'm trying to get as much done as possible this week because I'm off to New Jersey on Wednesday to meet with an awesome client and THEN I'm headed to Portland for Erin Loechner's Ace Camp!
I am so excited!

I'm hoping to get some exciting art inspiration and meet some amazing people! Besides that, it's been nice getting a little bit of a break this summer! I love the rainy weather and I am getting used to doing a million patterns in a row!

A tribute to my late birdie, Dean!


Air Mail


Father's Day

Besides this, I'm excited for us to get our crop share! I wish I was here to eat it in Thursday, but Chris and Francesca will have to eat it without me and let me know how it goes! Send me good vibes, I hope my travels are safe and that I get some sleep on my trip!!

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