Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Strange Self Portrait


Oh man, I haven't done a self portrait in forever and I think it shows...
Here's a painter painting I did tonight for the sake of doing personal art in my free time. It's definitely not the most awesome thing I've ever done. Then again, It's better than some of my MCAD self portaits (It's probably been that long).


here's a detail of my painting

Also, I've been grilling my students left and right about making sure that when they use color that they use the "Squint" rule. Squint your eyes to see value so you know you're doing it right. Just because colors are on your art doesn't mean that it works with value. So - with this, I just wanted to check myself before I wrecked myself. (OH SNAP!)

I suppose that's pretty good! My face hurts from squinting for three hours.


Jesse said...

I know that person!

Lindsay said...


Andres Guzman said...

Hilarious...the mouf is perfect