Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Guess Who? Blue Man Painting


You'll never guess who this painting started out as...
I am HORRIBLE at making likenesses of celebrities! There was a point tonight when I was referencing picture after picture and I ended up with a painting of a man that is WAY different (in many ways) than the blue man you see here.


There is no way you'll ever guess who this was at the beginning of my painting...
Anyone want to guess?

I'll buy you a tea if you figure it out.

Painted tonight in Painter 11 with about 1 hour of real painting, and 1 hour of trying to figure out how to make this look like the guy I started to draw in the first place.

I guess it ended up looking like a cross between Lawrence Fishburne and O.J. Simpson.
Love those freckles.

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