Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gouache painting - Friday Night Challenge


Friday night was a great night. I got done with class a little bit early and headed to Moto-i with Francesca and Chris. It's the first weekend in a long while that I wasn't swamped with work, and Francesca and I sat down for a 2 hour challenge. Originally, we had planned to finish a piece of art in two hours, but as things started going, I changed my idea from inking a drawing of this sleeping girl - to painting her in gouache.

detail of her face

As the night wore on, I went over the 2 hour limit and painted for almost three hours on her skin. Gouache is one of those mediums that if you don't mix enough, you're screwed. I had to paint over her skin a second time, since I hadn't done it right to begin with. Also - once you start, you can't stop.

Eventually I called it a night around 11pm and headed home with Chris to play some Marvel vs. Capcom for a sec. :) I am excited to pick this back up and finish this painting once I get another couple hours of free time!


Brenda said...

nice pic! Love it!

Andres Guzman said...

So happy to see you getting your hands dirty