Saturday, April 26, 2008

Remy - Boyfriend #2... and Natalie.

so I drew a lot this week. I'm pretty proud of myself - because a lot of my drawings were for fun. unlike most weeks - i've done some things that I can say are in my real style - rather than my corporate style...

Here is a drawing of Remy - from Streetfighter 3
(he is my other boyfriend...)
I"m going to finish him up and delete the pencil lines soon - i'll post a real scan when it's done)

Here is a drawing of Natalie from the book:
(i have some things to fix about her, but just wanted to show it!)

Photobooth is way convenient, but takes really crappy photos...

So I've been getting ready for an art show that hangs in the Tea Garden in May - and I"m trying to get a lot of stuff done for Dee's book and some streetfighter guys (for fun) so that I actually pump out some real art for once... This has been SOOOO much fun... Real scans to come later, i think.


dee said...

squeeee!! LOVE IT! She's great- the eyebrows, lips, nose, expression, everything. And the name. Very cool. I think you should illustrate the chapter titles too. :D

Chris H. said...

when you get the chance (which might be never), you should do Ulala from Space Chanel 5!

Michael said...

You have talent!