Sunday, April 20, 2008

Owl, Owl, Mark

I made lots of things this weekend.
Chris and I went to a wedding and I ended up doing some work! Interesting!

Here is a couple cutie owls I embroidered for Chris and Emily!

And here is a drawing of another owl
EDIT: I took this one out! Sorry!

And here is a drawing of Mark - from the book!


Go, Me!


dee said...

AWESOME! I love it!

Chris said...

Look at Owl me! Look Look!

Rewsk said...

hi there, i randomly came across your blog when i was googling "owl drawing" because i want to get an owl tattoo.... i really really love that owl you drew. would you mind if i got it as a tattoo?? i tried to find your email contact but couldn't..... send me an email at rsale1 @


Conroy said...

that owl is brilliant

Anonymous said...

I would really like to contact you is there any way other than these comments ? :P

Lindsay said...

my e-mail is
you can send me a note there!