Thursday, March 31, 2011

Super Strange Night.



So - today was insane. Besides teaching my students patterns, talking about hand-type and trend boards I had a ton of work to do... AND I went out to dinner tonight with Gary Baseman.

He's in town for a lecture tomorrow at MCAD, which is awesome! He's super nice and is really passionate about his work. It was really nice talking with him!

Besides all that, I got a call from Atom tonight asking if I wanted to go shoot guns with him tomorrow for his birthday (Which is awesome) - and I snuck a little painter-painting in tonight for the sake of brushing up before class tomorrow.
I have to tell you, I've been so swamped with everything lately that it's SO nice just to put my headphones on for a second, put the jams on and paint something for 2 hours.

So here you have it - late night practice for the sake of personal art. ;)
No, it's not me - it's some other girl with headphones on.
Maybe I'll go back and fix a couple things in here some day ( probably not ) - I'm not thrilled with her headphones because you can tell I didn't use any reference because I was too lazy to take mine off my head to look, and It's getting too late for me to continue tonight. Maybe some other day!

Also I've had the same three songs on repeat all night. That's how I do. - time to dream the new Britney album all night.


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