Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Life Update!

SO - things besides the normal things (what?) are happening in art- life.

Two things :

1. I often complain to myself about the fact that it's too bad that I work in a field where I can't post things until they're manufactured and in the stores. - so It seems like I might not do anything all day....


2. I even have personal projects that I can't show yet because I will jinx myself! WAAAH!

On that note, I wanted to TELL you about this thing!
Chris is in San Francisco right now preparing for a pitch to Chronicle Books (Best publisher ever). We've got a book idea and I stayed up until 3 am prepping at Kinkos for, like, EVER.

The guy at kinkos was really nice, but somehow I got into a conversation with him about this Gundam robot that they made in Japan and that he just so happened to have pics of on his phone.... What? Yes.

Anyway, So - tomorrow from 3 - 5, Chris will be standing and waiting his turn in line to pitch out concept - face to face - with an Editor of Chronicle Books.
Cross your fingers for him! I really believe in our idea and we did a bunch of work to prep for it! :)

Anyway, when it's all said and done with, I'll post some images of what we worked on!
Good luck, Chris!

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Mud! said...

That is super awesome! Let me know how it goes!!