Monday, June 28, 2010

Start the week off right!

Besides being Monday,
Today was actually a very special day.

Today was Chris's first day at the Paper Bicycle office!
We are officially an office of 3 full-timers and two fantastic interns!

I suppose Chris might be posting the same picture on his blog, but
I am a flickr-stream usurper. (I credit Adam Hoppus for that word being in my vocabulary)

Besides the fact that Chris looks pretty....pretty in this picture, you can see a small sliver of the new office in there. Actually, it's a pretty big sliver, because his head is so tiny!

Although he was only there for half a day - and although Francesca is stuck in Seattle, and although I'm sporting a run-like-a-faucet head cold today, it was a celebratory occasion.

Yeah Chris! Welcome!!!

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mnelson said...

HAHAHA! That's awesome.