Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Body Art (and some gory stuff, too)

As Many of my friends know, I look at a Body Mod Blog pretty regularly.
They're currently going through legal battles about the authenticity of their site and need some help. I'm posting a link for a couple reasons, but the art related reason is that there are a LOT of really great (and a lot of really bad, or really confusing) pieces of tattoo art on there.

Take a look if you'd like: there is a great blog, a TON of archives & a crazy amount of stories about all sorts of stuff.

Be warned that a bunch of it is not work safe, and some of it is scandalous.
(not like I look at any of that kind of stuff...)

Click on the button below if you're intrigued!

The part that I look at is under the "LEARN" Section, titled

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