Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fun Postcard

So I made some adjustments to this promo piece. I'm much happier with it now - I'm planning on sending a bunch of these out with the larger packet of materials. I will include that as I work on it -

What I like about it now, is that it serves as both a supplement to the larger promo piece I'm working on - as well as a self use item. It doesn't blare paperbicycle (which is what it's for) so when I send out a gift of them to clients, they will hopefully write on them and send them to people they like, thus getting my work out to more people.

the larger promo piece will be the piece that blares "paper bicycle" and showcases patterns and work.
I'm planning on sending a bunch of these out and selling packets of these both at local stores as well as the renegade craft show in Sept.


Amy said...

Love your work! I think the textures you put together are amazing--I'll be checking back often :) said...

thanks!!! :)

IamSusie said...

I love this postcard. I just picked one up at your Renegade Craft Fair booth along with a very cute one with sweets on it. Your website doens't seem to be ready for sales though. Good luck!