Sunday, February 25, 2007

So I recently re-discovered
My penpal Jessica told me about it about 4 ?? years ago and I was all about it.
Of course, Mcad and life and whatever got in the way and I ended up forgetting about it for a while.
In one random moment, I remembered it's existance and went crazy.

check it out :

So it's really simple, you push a button to get some random person's address, and then you send them some mail. Sometimes trinkets, art, stickers or even a -- *gasp* postcard!
THEN... if you feel like it, you can add YOUR address to the pile and random people can mail you things!! How exciting!
I decided that I was going to make some quick fun collage postcards for these random people and include some love.

So here are the postcards I made.
I'm mailing them tomorrow. :)


Pistachio_rita leal said...

Hi! I found your blog today and i'm already a fan. Your work is just awesome! said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

found your blog on print and pattern, one of my favourite places to browse. your work is beautiful.