Friday, March 24, 2006

like a faucet, but i'm still goin' strong.

alright. i have the nastiest cold ever.
and it's 1:43am. i should be sleeping by now, but i just got too excited about making things tonight.
after a long week it seemed like the best thing I could do (besides uncontrollably snot all over myself)was to sew up some things for the upcoming craft shows. I know it's a while away, but after drawing and painting for a month or so, it was time to do something crafty.

so i made some totes.


they're still in progress, but tonight i made 3 bags-- one doesn't have handles yet because i ran out of thread--- but i'm really excited about how they're going. they have a fancy applique on them and are on hunter's canvas.
-- a perfect background for some fancy birds if I do say so myself.

so, more to come, I am adding a little light blue sparrow or something that is flying in the same direction as this bigger bird. only half the size and light blue-- and then some fancy stitching!

I think this might be a good design for another teeshirt, so I might just go ahead and whip up 12 of these tomorrow, too for the hell of it.


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Jesse said...

MMmmmmmmm, realtree cammo!

They look jim like dandy.