Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Field Boy Painting, Finished


I did it! I'm so excited! I finally got to finish this painting I stared a couple months ago. It wasn't so hard once I made some time for it. I think all in all, its about a 30 hour painting. It seems that it's rare that I get a whole night to work on something - but thanks to good friends and great company, a bunch of us got together over the weekend and had an inspiring couple of art nights. Jesse Riggle, Chris, Francesca, Adam worked on some art with us, while we had some company from Alyssa, her friend from out of town, and Bryan. :) I have so many ideas for new paintings now, but at least I can say I have officially checked this one off my list. This was a really fun new way of working for me... Looking forward to making some more!

Here are a couple details:




Jesse said...

Awe yeah!


It's beautiful! Great work =D

Batmanda said...

Lovely! I... kinda want to use it as my desktop background.

Lindsay Nohl said...

Thank you so much!